Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter Pancake Recipe!

Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter Pancake Recipe!

The time has come to celebrate the humble pancake. This time comes around every year. Those January and February blues have really got you in a slump and the only way to get out of it is to eat pancakes, right?!

Whilst definitely yes, this isn't the reason why Shrove Tuesday comes around. Originally observed in Christian religion as the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Really we should all be heading to our local church and confessing our sins to the Vicar ready to start Lent free of our troubles. 

Lent = the 40 days before Easter. Many people will give up sweets, chocolate, meat or dairy for this time.

I know you're still thinking, 'but this doesn't explain the pancakes Amelia?!', well actually it does.

It all started around 600 AD when Pope St Gregory prohibited Christians from eating meat and animal products during Lent. This meant everyone had to use up their remaining stocks of milk, eggs and butter so they didn't go to waste. Those are all vital ingredients to a great pancake and so this is what they made! 

Anyway, enough of pancake history time, I have a lovely Peanut Butter pancake recipe for you all to try with your pooch today. We all know dogs deserve to enjoy a good stack just as much as us!

Dogs eating pancakes!

Peanut Butter Pancake Recipe
1 medium egg
2/3 cup (120ml) lactose-free buttermilk or oat milk
1/2 cup buckwheat, whole wheat or spelt flour
2 tbsps Poochbutter (other dog-friendly alternatives are available)
2 tbsps banana
1/2 tsp baking powder
2-3 tbsps water, as needed
Oil for cooking, as needed
    Put flour and baking powder in a bowl. Making a well in the centre add the egg, peanut butter and banana and combine.
    Add the milk gradually, mixing until all ingredients are combined.
    Leave to stand for 10-30minutes. You can skip this step if you'd prefer to go straight ahead!
    If your batter is too thick, add water until it is the correct consistency. 
    Oil your pan and cook on a medium to high heat until golden on both sides.
    Top with banana, apple slices, Poochbutter or Crumbles for a scrumptious Shrove Tuesday treat!

      We'd love to see you baking with your dog so please send us any photos or tag us on our socials.

       Hugs & Kisses,
      Amelia x
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