The Original Poochbutter - Peanut Butter for Dogs
The Dog's Biscuits
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We started with dog friendly peanut butter and then..

We grew into a range of natural pet products, sourced and produced ethically to enhance the health of our pets.

Healthy, additive free and eco-conscious , share our values?

Can dogs eat Peanut Butter?

Human peanut butter isn't safe for dogs as many contain Xylitol, Sugar, Palm Oil or Salt, these are all big NO NO's for dogs.

Our Poochbutter, dog peanut butter, has been developed without any of these nasties, ensuring a safe and delicious treat for dogs of all ages.

Peanut Butter for Dogs!

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jar of peanut butter for dogs by nuts for pets. with added coconut oil and honey, 350g
giving back with every purchase, good causes when you purchase dog peanut butter from nuts for pets. Poochbutter

Every life matters, that's why we give 1% of our yearly profits to charities helping dogs across the world.

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About Us

Founded in 2019 by Alastair & Amelia and born in Edinburgh.

"We are passionate about animals and the environment, starting Nuts for Pets was a natural fit."