National Rescue Dog Day and A Visit to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary!

National Rescue Dog Day and A Visit to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary!

To celebrate National Rescue Dog Day, Nuts for Pets went to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary to surprise and treat their dogs still looking for their forever home!


(Basil enjoying his Poochbutter!)

Holly Hedge is a small safe harbour for cats and dogs, hidden away in the North Somerset countryside, not far outside of Bristol. Once through the gates, in addition to the blocks housing puppies, kittens, dogs and cats, you’ll find large open spaces and woodland in which the dogs can exercise and socialise. These spaces have been increased in recent years with the purchase of surrounding land, and the dogs are provided with as much care and attention as possible whilst waiting for their forever family to arrive.

All of this takes place thanks to the small and dedicated army of volunteers and fundraisers keeping the animals fed, exercised, and loved. Recently that involved a core team moving in to care for the animals during the pandemic, and currently they have the cost-of-living crisis to contend with.

Families are struggling to cover food costs, and as well as leading to an increase in surrenders of cats and dogs to animal rescues, it makes considering adding to the family by adopting an animal in need very difficult.


(Anya was so sweet!)

For the dogs themselves, leaving your family, for whatever reason, and living around lots of other animals is not an easy situation. And the longer they spend in rescue, the higher the chances that they become institutionalised and develop related issues. Previously confident dogs can become wary of other dogs very quickly when surrounded by strange dogs barking, whining, and howling.

With lots of love and patience, each dog can be relaxed and happy again once in a forever home, and the journey is incredibly rewarding for both human and dog, but the quicker they can start that journey and be out of the sanctuary, the better for all concerned!


(Daisy just wanted to play!)

All of these factors are why we wanted to pay a visit to spread a little joy where we could and return to tell everyone about the amazing dogs currently looking for their forever families. Despite their challenges, every dog we spent time with was playful, sweet, and eager for treats and cuddles!

Arriving with a big box of Poochbutters, Lickimats, dental sticks and Poochbutter Pals, we were immediately interesting! The Poochbutter was extremely popular, and allowed us to win everyone over quickly, being rewarded with plenty of kisses from peanut butter mouths!

From beautiful Anya, the sweet girl who loves getting out with her humans and is looking for a spot on a forever sofa, to hunky, loveable Jaxon, the Old Tyme Bulldog full of character, we would have taken them all home with us given half the chance!


(Wonderful Jaxon made us laugh!)

Check our Facebook and Instagram for profiles on the amazingly good boys and girls that we befriended, and for plenty of adorable photos from our afternoon. If you have a space on your sofa, and in your heart, for a dog who will be the most wonderful, grateful companion, please do contact Holly Hedge to have a chat about your circumstances and make a rescue dog’s day! It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done!

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