Peanut Butter for dogs on a colourful background

How to use your Poochbutter!

Okay, so we've come up with the best possible ways you can use your new tub of Poochbutter that will make your dog the happiest pooch ever!

  1. Spread on a Lickmat!



This is for sure one of the top ways to enjoy your Poochbutter and is used by many other dog furiends! Our Honey addition helps our Peanut Butter stick really well to your mat which means extra long lick time and more boredom busting!

2. Making Homemade Treats


Now we can't all be as amazing as @pupcakesbylillian but we don't give you guys free recipe cards for nothing! Making your own homemade treats is healthy and can be lots of fun. 

3. Inside Treat Toys


Treat toys are the perfect boredom buster but they should definitely be supaw tasty too!  Poochbutter has been designed as an extra sticky treat, so it will keep your pooch busy for longer.

4. Use in a Poochbutter Pal for an on the go squeezable treat.

Poochbutter being squirted into dogs mouth

If your pooch is loving our Poochbutter but you're wondering how to take it on the go we've got you! We created our Poochbutter Pal to help you use their favourite treat for recall and other training.

Click the link to buy POOCHBUTTER PAL

5. Add to meals to spice things up!


Okay guys don't go wild and pour on the whole tub but do occasionly treat your pooch to a dollop of Peanut Butter with their meal!

6. The good old spoon and lick! Or sometimes the pop the lid and lick!


Hope you all had the sound on for that one. An original favourite of ours, let your dog just have the Peanut Butter as is!


Let us know what you think of our blogs and send us a message. Any questions or amazing Peanut Butter ideas so let us know.

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