Snackies out of ten? 10/10 would sticky tongue again! - @thepuggysmalls

Snackies out of ten? 10/10 would sticky tongue again! - @thepuggysmalls

Our First Review... Went down a treat! 

Thank you @thepuggysmalls and @pop_sausage for taking the time to tell everyone how you loved the Poochbutter, in between scoffing your faces!

Before we even opened the parcel, Puggy and Pops were hyped! They could obviously smell something amazing lurking inside!

Models: Pop Sausage @pop_sausage & Puggy Smalls @thepuggysmalls

We were gifted with the most incredible doggy peanut butter they have ever tried!

Designed especially with dogs in mind. Nuts for Pets have created a premium peanut butter, suitable for all doggy breeds as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Made with love using the highest quality ingredients, zero palm oil, no additives and Peanuts from South America with the lowest levels of aflatoxin.

Created in the Uk by doggie lovers, who use only local suppliers for manufacturing and packaging. Unlike other brands, all natural oils remain in the jars, they don’t use any combining agents of other nasty chemicals, just the finest Yorkshire meadow honey and coconut oil, to make it extra sticky and irresistible.

Models: Puggy Smalls @thepuggysmalls & Pop Sausage @pop_sausage

We started out with the classic, by spreading the peanut butter on a licky matt. It kept them both busy for ages (Pops a little longer than greedy Puggy). It smells divine, and of course, I tried a little myself to see what the fuss is about! (Im not even joking).

We then decided to get creative! We stuffed chew toys with the butter, which the dogs loved, and then we made ice treats! Simply load up an ice tray with peanut butter, stick a little meaty treat in the middle (not essential) Freeze over night and let the doggies enjoy! This was by far their favourite version of the treat, and it kept them busy for well over an hour! Perfect for dogs like Puggy who need some help pacing themselves with snackies and a lovely treat to keep them busy on warm days.

With just 4 simple, high quality ingredients, you get peace of mind knowing your dog is having a natural treat, whilst enjoying every minute. The natural oils sit on the top of the jar, so make sure you give it a stir before using! It was also an excellent tool for keeping both bogs relaxed in the bath, we smeared a little on the bath edge and they were both perfectly content licking it off while I got busy giving them a scrub! It's such a versatile product, that I’m excited to keep trying things!

Models: Pop @pop_sausage & Puggy Smalls @thepuggysmalls

We would recommend this Peanut Butter ALWAYS! Both Puggy and Pops have gone ’nuts’ for it and zoomie around the house when they see me opening the jar - or even just the cupboard that the jar is kept in! It also makes my conscious feel better to know that we are supporting a brand new, small business, by giving our dogs something sustainable and completely natural. Treats with a conscience, that we won’t be without from now on.


Snackies out of ten? 10/10 would sticky tongue again

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