Should we be paying attention to our dogs health?

Should we be paying attention to our dogs health?

Hello everyone!

It's World Health Day so we decided it would be a great opportunity for us to introduce you to our new team member, Sandra!

She is joining Nuts for Pets as our very own nutritionist to help us grow our already great range of natural treats and supplements. 

We have asked her a couple questions about keeping our dogs healthy so, read on to hear her views on all things food, exercise and soul related.



1.     Do you have dogs of your own?

Yes, I have two wonderful cocker spaniels, Cookie and Kizzmit. They are my chief testers and love their job. The perks are second to none.


2.     How do you believe you keep them in their best shape?

Keeping them in tip top condition is a focus and love you have for your doggies. They get out walking, every day, finding new places to sniff. They love to swim, so fitting in weekly river walk is a must. They have such fun jumping in the water for sticks.

Attention at home is also up there with the best of our day. They need play and lots of cuddles.

I work hard at making sure they get a really balanced diet, with everything in there I think they will need to stay healthy, happy and looking good. As Kizzmit had a lot of health problems, I had to make sure I was taking the time to read and understand everything that was on a label and work on what I could compliment the natural meals they got with healthy choices. They love getting treats for a hundred reasons; sitting when asked, recall, looking cute…With that, the treats they get had to have health benefits. It was my choice of treats as a pup that caused Kizzmit’s illnesses. She is all better now.


3.     The top natural super foods for dogs?

The best superfoods are in many of the food groups. Fish, like Salmon and Tuna are great for internal strength, protection and repair and also good for skin and hair.

Blueberries are also full of goodness you dog will love. 

Carrots again have so many health benefits for dogs. Try steaming the carrots for 5 minutes and the dogs get all the goodness.


4.     How much exercise and mind stimulation should we be doing with our dogs?

I think dogs will be expecting a lot more stimulation due to the pandemic with so many dog parents at home. They should get 20 minutes a day of play-time. But I have found that they want more than that now as they are much more used to seeing me.

Walking should be twice a day, but it depends on the breed, size and age of the dog as to how long that should be. My cockers get an hour walk in the morning and half an hour early evening, with little comfort breaks in-between. My two are nine years old, they used to get more time out than that when they were younger.


5.     Is there anything you believe dog owners should avoid in the diet?

Yes, there are many things that should no be included in a dogs diet. 

The most important things are not adding salts and sugars and all additives and preservatives that are not natural. It can make them ill and slowly erodes their good health.

There are things like garlic, mushrooms, pips from apple seeds (arsenic), radishes, tomatoes, the list is long. It is better to understand what is really good for them and work from there.


6.     One phrase you use all the time when it comes to pet nutrition.

Keep it natural and let’s keep those happy tails wagging.


Thanks Sandra for some great insight into how you do things at home with your lovely pooches. We can't wait to hear more from you in the future on the Nuts for Pets blogs!

We hope you enjoyed reading this today, if you have any comments please leave them below.

Hugs & kisses,
Amelia x

Cocker Spaniels with Daffodils

Kizzmit & Cookie

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