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Peanut Butter is a firm favourite with almost every one of our furry friends but many human Peanut Butters are not safe for them to enjoy. 

We scrapped Xylitol, Palm Oil, Salt, Sugar & Aflatoxins and went back to basics. Using only Four Ingredients we made a 100% safe and Nastiness free Peanut Butter that Pooches can't get enough of!

So Poochbutter loves your Pooch just as much as you do, right?


We add Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to nourish your dog from the inside out, it's perfect for healthy skin and a gloriously glossy coat! 

Most other Peanut Butters add oils as bulking agents but we don't need to, we keep all the naturally occurring Peanut Oils to create our Thick, Creamy Poochbutter.

Let's delve into the Nasties.

Xylitol, an extremely harmful sugar additive that is safe for humans to consume but is fatal when consumed by dogs. Contained in many big brand Peanut Butters, so always check the label!

Aflatoxins, produced by certain moulds (sounds gross, we know) found within plant based foods. These are harmful to humans and to dogs when consumed regularly. They are found in high amounts in peanuts especially, but don’t fret! 

This is why we prioritise where we purchase our peanuts from. 

The winner is South America, and peanuts from here have far less aflatoxins than peanuts from say Africa or India, where the climate is far hotter. They produce a higher quality Peanut with high protein levels, giving us the perfect Peanut Butter! 

Palm Oil, is used in the confectionary industry first and foremost as a combining agent, it’s not needed in our Poochbutter because our Peanuts have such high protein levels which naturally combines our Butter! 

Therefore creating that smooth, thick and creamy consistency which we balance perfectly with a dollop of  Yorkshire Honey for taste and stickiness!

No salt, sugar or wheat.  


 We started Nuts for Pets because of the use of Palm Oil in other Peanut Butters. 
Not only is Palm Oil an additive to avoid, it’s hard to avoid it! 

So we have made it super easy for you and your environmentally conscience pet to duck Palm Oil. 

We are growing, but need your help!

We want to take Nuts for Pets to the next level, head over to our Seedrs page to learn more.

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