About Us

We scrapped Xylitol, Palm Oil, Salt, Sugar & Aflatoxins and went back to basics. Using only Four Ingredients we make a 100% safe and Nastiness free Peanut Butter that Pooches can't get enough of!

We prioritise where we purchase our peanuts from! 

Our Peanuts are from South America, and peanuts from here have far less aflatoxins. They produce a higher quality Peanut with higher protein levels that gives us the perfect Peanut Butter! 

These high protein peanuts allow our butter to naturally combine and thicken without the use of Palm Oil.

Therefore creating that smooth, thick and creamy consistency which we balance perfectly with a dollop of Yorkshire Honey for taste and stickiness!

No salt, sugar or wheat.  

We started Nuts for Pets because of the use of Palm Oil in other Peanut Butters. We've made it super easy for you and your environmentally conscience pet to duck Palm Oil. 

We are growing, but need your help!

We want to take Nuts for Pets to the next level, head over to our Seedrs page to learn more.

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